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Wanted Man

Episode 8: Wanted Man
Production Number: BN107
Director: Ken Girotti
Writers: Craig O'Neill & Jason Tracey

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Quick Summary:

After Michael helps Fiona go bounty hunting, Fiona insists they help prove the bounty's innocence. However, Michael is going up against a very paranoid man with lots of security. On top of this, he's trying to track down the man who wrote up his Dossier, Phillip Conrad.

Full Summary:

At Fiona's home, Michael is still reading his dossier, discovering some fiction written about his past. Fiona isn't happy that the report is getting more attention than her. While going to the beach, Fiona takes a slight detour to pick up a bounty (Thomas McKee). However, McKee is already being chased by Wayne Ray, another bigger bounty hunter. Michael "accidentally" bumps into Wayne so Fiona can catch Thomas, however, when Thomas pleads his innocence and offers double the bounty if Fiona will help prove his innocence, Fiona brings him to her house instead. It appears Fiona wants to use him to make Michael jealous.

Back at Fiona's house (filled with snow globes from various locales), the fugitive tells his story. Thomas McKee is nothing more than a delivery man. Some woman at a hotel showed him a 2 million dollar diamond-encrusted, spider broach, and later, it turned up missing. The police fingered McKee because he had access. Fiona asks Michael for a favor, and they decide Thomas will stay in Fiona's apartment while they investigate.

Once again, they use Barry the Launderer to track down someone who's trying to sell the broach. Apparently, the man who's trying to find a buyer is named Cristo, and he's crossed Barry in the past.
Cristo - the Fencer, walks into his home to find Michael. Michael quickly disarms him and tries to get some information on who has the broach. When he refuses to talk, Michael starts calling Cristo's contacts to make him lose clients. Cristo finally gives up and provides the phone number of the man with the broach. Michael steals one of Cristo's pieces of jewelry (from the fridge) to keep his silence. Sam is able to track it down to Lawrence Henderson, owner of the hotel where the broach was stolen and a very paranoid and secure man. He has cash flow problem and apparently framed Thomas for the theft of the broach.

Fiona is getting jealous of how much time Michael is spending with the Dossier, so she starts trying to make Michael jealous of Thomas. It also works well as motivation for Michael to finish the case quickly. Fiona agrees to contact her Libyan friends, so Michael can use them to track down the man who wrote the Dossier.

Back at Fiona's house, it appears that Wayne Ray, the other bounty hunter, has found Thomas' hiding spot. While Fiona takes Thomas out of the house Michael attempts to delay Wayne. Michael manages to put up a good fight, but ends up on the floor getting choked by Wayne. However, Fiona makes the save by sacrificing one of her snow globes over the back of Wayne's head.

Now that Wayne the bounty hunter knows about Fiona's home, Thomas will have to stay at Michael's apartment. The plan to catch Lawrence in the act is simple, Michael will act as a buyer, with Sam being the middle man. Once Lawrence brings the broach is out in the open, Michael will bring in the police and clear Michael's name. Unfortunately for this role, Sam has to act very security conscious, which means no drinking alcohol. Sam meets with Lawrence, and sets up a meeting for Michael in Lawrence's home.

Meanwhile, Michael meets up with the Libyan contact, Anwar.
"You're Westen? I thought you'd be taller" ~ Anwar
Apparently there have been some nasty rumors spread about Westen and his tactics. However, Michael just wants to talk, and leaves Anwar with that thought.

Thomas and Fiona are enjoying a candle-lit dinner in Michael's apartment, Fiona is really working Michael's last nerve.
Michael and Sam arrive at Lawerence's home, playing the characters of Mr. Smith and Charles respectively. Mr. Smith and Lawrence talk price on the broach, and Michael is able to work it down to 1.2 million. However, Lawrence won't show the broach, and he wont' deliver the broach outside of his home. Michael can't make him budge, so he leaves with hints that Lawrence could have problems with security.

Michael meets up with the Libyans, and is forced to put a bag over his head and get driven to a secret location where he meets with Anwar. Michael offers to give up the identity of a team that blew up a gas refinery the Libyans own in exchange for Anwar delivering a fruit basket to Phillip Conrad (author of Michael's Dossier). At the very least it will get Phillip's attention. Anwar agrees, and the Libyans put Michael in the hood again and take him away.

Returning to Lawrence's home, Michael begins gathering intelligence. He plans to make it looks like Lawrence's home is unsecured. He uses an LED laser to overload some of the security cameras, and Sam leaves cigarette butts sprinkled on the lawn in Lawrence's home to make it appear someone has been watching the place. Fiona also meets one of the security guards at his home and makes it appear that she's bribing him. However, all this paranoia Michael is pulling ends up backfiring. Lawrence calls another meeting with Mr. Smith, and leads Michael to a room filled with his personal security and a badly beaten Cristo.

Thanks to Cristo, Lawrence now knows that Michael isn't who he says he is. Before it can get worse, Michael uses Lawrence as a body shield till he can get to the fire escape and run away from Lawrence's armed guards.

Michael, Sam, Fiona, and Thomas all meet in Michael's apartment to plan out the next step. Since Lawrence no longer trusts them, they'll have to get the broach out in the open with a whole new method.

Michael watches Lawrence leave his home in a big SUV with lots of security. Michael calls Sam and tells him to begin. Sam, on a rooftop with a different cell phone, calls the police and tells them that there is a bank robbery at Dale bank (the bank Lawrence is heading to). Then, with a deer rifle, Sam shoots out the security cameras, causing bank security and civilians to run in a panic. Fiona uses a stolen car to block traffic, and Sam starts up a radio blocker so the security guards can't use their radios. All the makings of a high profile bank robbery.

Lawrence pulls up in his SUV with security in tow, when Michael gives him a call. Michael tells Lawrence to look up, and Lawrence sees Sam with the deer rifle on the rooftop. Lawrence yells gun and points, his security pulls their guns and point towards the rooftop, Sam ducks and stays out of sight. Just in time, the police show up from Sam's panicked call. They arrest Lawrence and his security, and find the spider broach.

Fiona meets up one more time with Wayne, the bounty hunter. Fiona turns over Thomas, and Wayne walks away confident. However, a phone call reveals that the bounty of Thomas has been dropped, and Thomas hops back into Fiona's car a free man.

Phillip Conrad gives Michael a call, and he's not happy. The FBI are now on his front lawn, wondering why Anwar gave him a fruit basket. Apparently, he'll be in touch. As a reward for her work, Michael gives Fiona a present, a "Welcome to Miami" snow globe.

Personal Commentary

The main case in this one, was kinda boring for me. I enjoyed the details of it MUCH much more. For instance, Michael fighting Wayne the bounty hunter, and losing. Though he did give some good tips on trying to stop a guy like that. And poor Sam had to play a sober character, that man must have suffered.
We got to enjoy some more development of Fiona and Michael's relationship. Yes they've slept together but can it ever be anything more. Yes Fiona pushed him with the jealousy, basically proving to Michael that he does have some feelings for her, but I just can't see him keeping a girlfriend.

Oh yes, the SECOND episode where Madeline Westen doesn't show up, heck, she isn't even mentioned. I'm starting to miss her antics.
Be sure to read the full Writer's Blog on this one, I clipped the best part below.

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