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Dead Drop

Episode 11: Dead Drop
Production Number: BN110
Director: Jeremiah Chechik
Writers: Craig O'Neill & Jason Tracey

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Full Summary
Personal Commentary
Writer's Blog (Warning: May contain spoilers for the season ending episode, Loose Ends)

Quick Summary:

In an action packed two hour finale, Michael finally meets the man who burned him, only to watch him get assassinated right in front of him. Now Michael is on the run, trying to keep his family and friends safe.

Full Summary

We open with Michael doing inclined sit ups on a board in his apartment. When the door opens Michael immediately pulls a gun out and aims, only to find Sam holding a bucket of fried chicken. Michael drops the gun and chides Sam for eating something so unhealthy. Michael goes to the fridge to eats some yogurt. Sam tells Michael that he has a potential job, but Michael is more focused on his Burn Notice. Michael gets a text message, telling him to go to the park at 1pm. Michael knows its from Phillip Cowan. Michael goes to meet with him, Sam and his bucket of fried chicken provide back up. When Michael gets there, he sees a good perch in a parking garage. He runs up to find a greeting card and a clipped article referencing a previous job Michael did as a spy. Michael looks down to the street to see Cowan. Cowan points out Sam, wags his finger at Michael, and drives away.

Michael tells Fiona that a face to face meeting with Cowan is far away because he doesn't trust Michael, and Michael doesn't trust him. Sam leave Michael to interpret Cowan's message so he can meet with his new client, Gillian. She works security for a company, and is being blackmailed by a friend's boyfriend. The friend, Melissa, asked Gillian to help get her and her boyfriend (Dave) into a secure building. There, Dave took pictures and is using those pictures of Gillian failing to do her job to blackmail her. Dave is forcing Gillian and Melissa to smuggle heroin from Turkey into the U.S.

"I'll see what I can do" ~ Sam

Melissa, Gillian's friend and the other client, doesn't want anything to do with Sam. Before they can talk more Melissa's abusive husband arrives home, Sam and Gillian are forced to leave quickly.
Michael rushes home, Madeline called him because she got a weird call. Someone simply called her, said Van Buren street and immediately hung up. Michael tries to reassure her that it's nothing, but when there is a rustle at the window Michael immediately pulls his mother to his side and pulls out his gun. However, it's just Nate, who lost his key. Madeline called both of them, and demands Michael tells her who this "friend" is. Michael dodges the question but gives Nate his gun and asks him to protect their mother.

Michael walks up and down Van Buren street, before noticing a man reading a travel guide for Madison, Wisconsin (Michael Westen). It is a "cut-out" Michael has used multiple times. Cowan invites Michael to meet him on Thursday, and provides another clipped article of Michael's activities.

Sam needs to bring Fiona in on the job as a wingman, but her fees are pretty steep. Sam tracks down the credit card charges of Melissa's boyfriend to a gay bar.

"I think the balls are in your court" ~ Fiona to Sam

Sam finds out that Dave's real name is Ray Wagoner, he's a pickpocket and a hustler. Sam and Fiona go to Ray's house. When Sam goes around to the side, Ray tries to attack him from behind, but Sam dodges and puts him down with one punch. Fiona and Sam tell Ray to stop blackmailing Melissa and Gillian, however he says he knows nothing of any blackmail or heroin, he simply says that Melissa took him to some building to take pictures. Sam and Fiona figure out that Melissa has been double-blackmailing Gillian to make her do her bidding. Fiona had a "hunch".

Sam swings by Michael's apartment where he's finished work on the charger. Sam brought Gillian to try to guilt him into taking on the job. Michael grudgingly agrees. Mike poses as an ex-Green Beret and meets up with Kent trying to encourage him to expand his business. Kent is immediately suspicious and tells Michael to go away. Meanwhile, Sam and Fiona switch out Kent's cell phone with a bugged one, and switch the memory cards so no one can tell the difference.

While Michael is listening to the bugged cell phone, Madeline busts into Michael's apartment after she found that Mike had given Nate a gun. Madeline finally demands the truth and asks Michael to finally trust his family.

"Trust is something you work on" ~ Madeline

Madeline finally tells Michael that he was the one that left the family. This cuts Michael deeply, he then asks Madeline and Nate to trust him, and has to leave to meet with Kent. Sam provides back up during the meeting with a rifle, however, Kent and Michael move behind a mound of gravel. Kent pulls a gun on Michael, but Michael is able to break the gun out of his hands and make a get away, though not before Kent shoots the windshield of the Charger.

Listening in to the bugged cell phone, Michael confirms that Kent is now planning to kill Gillian in order to cover his tracks. Michael wants to use the next shipment of heroin to catch Kent and Melissa in the act. Melissa is uneasy at first, but Fiona assure her.

"You need to trust us" ~ Fiona

Sam will watch Gillian's car and the pick up of heroin, however, the area he's in has a cell phone blocker, so he gets no signal. Meanwhile, Fiona is listening in to the bug in Kent's phone and Michael is waiting to meet with Phillip Cowan. Fiona hears that Kent has planted a bomb in Gillian's phone, but she can't call Sam due to the blocked phone signal. So she calls Michael, and he's forced to leave. Before he does, he leaves a message for Cowan, "John 3:16". Kent and Melissa show up in a white van, Melissa loads up the heroin and Kent drives the van to the side of the parking lot so they can watch Gillian's car blow up. Michael and Fiona show up and fill Sam in on the situation. Sam and Fiona distract the guard, while Michael uses Sam's floor mat to get over the barbed wire fence of the parking lot. Michael goes under Gillian's car while she's walking out to the parking lot. He's able to disconnect the C4 just before she starts the ignition, thus saving her life.

Michael, Fiona, and Sam meet up with Gillian to show her she almost died. They suggest that she takes a vacation while they sort this out. Michael's plan is still to frame Kent and Melissa with the heroin. Michael is once again about to leave to meet with Cowan, however, Fiona stops him. She asks why Michael is so determined to go back into a business that caused him so much trouble. Michael wants to clear his name, and he wants to be proud of all the good work he's already done. However, Fiona points out that Michael is doing good right here in Miami.

Sam and Fiona position themselves to monitor the deal that Kent and Melissa are about to make. Sam is in a car with a telephoto camera and Fiona is using a long distance listening device on a bridge. However, Kent & Melissa's buyer doesn't show up. When they get back into the car a missile blows them up. Sam is immediately surrounded by men with machine guns and taken away. More men chase Fiona, but she's able to jump off the bridge into the water.

Meanwhile, Michael is outside St. John's church at 3:16, Cowan calls on the pay phone telling him that he has to meet him at the parking garage over a mile away in 10 minutes. Michael has no choice but to run it. Michael barely makes it. When Cowan finally shows up, he has Michael lift his jacket to prove that Michael doesn't have a gun. Michael asks why Cowan burned him.

"You think this is about me" ~ Cowan.

Cowan admits to trying to have Michael killed.

"The people I work for have plans for you" ~ Cowan

"You're making everyone nervous" ~ Cowan

These are the last words Phillip Cowan says, he is shot, by an unseen sniper. Blood is sprayed on Michael's shirt and face. Cop sirens can be immediately heard in the distance. Michael calls Nate and tells him to bring his truck and come pick him up. While driving away in Nate's truck, Michael gets a frantic call from Fiona. He finds out that Sam has been captured and Fiona is still running away from men with guns. Fiona can't finish talking before more men come and she has to run.

.... to be continued, in Episode 12: Loose Ends.

Personal Commentary:

Because this is a two part episode, the Personal Commentary is done for the whole thing. Go to Episode 12: Loose Ends to find the personal commentary

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