Friday, May 30, 2008

Sam Axe

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Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell) is a man who has done a little bit of everything, and now does just about nothing. He drinks heavily and ogles different women. Sam prefers using computers to find files and information rather than searching through paper files or getting the information from people. Sam crossed Fiona in the past, however, they seemed to get over their differences quickly. Sam is informing on Michael to the FBI because his pension is being threatened, however, Sam is always careful to only give a certain amount of information.

After Michael let Sam find a classified document in his apartment, the FBI left and were replaced by Agent Bly. Bly did his damage to Sam by calling Sam's current girlfriend (Veronica) and trying to make it look like Sam was cheating on her, Michael was able to straighten out Bly however, and Veronica got an apology from both Sam and Agent Bly.

Sam has proven himself to be loyal to his old friends, and even romantic at times. This has impressed Fiona, who has apparently forgiven Sam for their past transgressions.

USA Character Bio

Handsome with a good-natured grin, Sam (Bruce Campbell) is a former Navy Seal, Military Intel Operative, and all-around Cold Warrior. In his prime he was point man on an array of armed conflicts the world over. He worked with Michael many times during those heady days.

When Michael reconnects with him in Miami, Sam has embraced his post-espionage days by letting loose. Once, he loved the threadbare world of secret surveillance in the communist bloc, or forward recon in the touch-and-go Middle East.

Now, he has moved on to mojitos, Sugar Mommas and bikini watching in the bars and on the sands of South Beach. He's reliable and consistent, in the way that you can count on a former spy to dig up solid intel and execute missions with stealthy aplomb. Despite his predilection for rich divorcées and cocktails, he is an asset to Michael, even when he becomes an informant for the FBI. Though the Feds have Sam keeping an eye on Michael, he needs Sam's friendship, partnership, and expertise, now more than ever.

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