Friday, May 30, 2008

Agent Jason Bly

After Michael gave Sam a confidential document to turn over to the FBI Agents, those agents left and were replaced by CSS Agent Jason Bly (played by Alex Carter).

The job of the FBI Agents were simply to keep tabs on Michael, but Bly's job was to make Michael's life and his friends and family's lives miserable until Michael stopped pursuing his burn notice.

At first, Michael didn't even know the name of his new "friend" until Fiona helped him pick his pocket. Armed with a name, Michael then set out to set up some bank accounts with Barry and used this to make it appear that Agent Bly had taken bribes of cash from Michael. With his career in jeopardy, the once confident CSS Agent quickly folded and handed Michael his burn notice in exchange for never revealing the bank accounts.


Anonymous said...

More of the beautiful Jason Bly! Could he have a regular part in the series...I wish!

fiore100 said...

seriously. let's have more jason bly. this actor is very sexy and handsome. more alex carter.