Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Burn Notice in Entertainment Weekly

There is an article in Entertainment Weekly about the second season of Burn Notice, it's very positive.

See it for yourself in this album:

Burn Notice - Entertainment Weekly Article

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Carla (played by Tricia Helfer) is the first new recurring character in Season 2.

For now, not much is known about the character except for some brief descriptions.

Helfer will play Carla, Michael's sleek, sexy and lethal "handler," who often comes across as unaffected and slightly amused by him.

Phillip Cowan

Phillip Cowan (played by Richard Schift) was the man who's name was on the Dossier that burned Michael. However, Cowan quickly revealed that he was just a small pawn in a greater game. Cowan never got a chance to tell Michael more, as he was killed right in front of Michael's eyes.


Veronica (played by Audery Landers) is the girlfriend of Sam Axe. She has provided Sam with a place to stay and occasionally some cool cars.

She doesn't appear to know much about Sam's job or his past, she simply knows he was a spy.

Tricia Helfer of "Battlestar Galactica" coming to Burn Notice

TV Guide reports that Tricia Helfer, who recently finished up the final season of "Battlestar Galactica" on the SciFi Network.

Helfer will play Carla, Michael's sleek, sexy and lethal "handler," who often comes across as unaffected and slightly amused by him.

"To protect the people he loves, Michael is forced to work for Carla — his only link to the people behind his burn notice." ~ Matt Nix

In the episode summaries that have already been provided, Carla has only been mentioned in the 6th episode, so we don't know when she's introduced or how many of Michael's episodes will revolve around her. None the less, she sounds like an important new character to figuring out who burned Michael. Is she the woman who was on the phone with Michael? We'll find out in one month.

Season 2 split in Two

Like many USA series, it appears that the second season of Burn Notice will be split up into two parts.
Entertainment Weekly reports that the original 12 episodes that was ordered for season 2 was expanded to 16 episodes. The first 9 episodes will be aired during the summer, with the last 7 airing in early 2009.

In my personal opinion, I don't like this. While series like Psych and Monk can handle the split better because each episode is stand alone, Burn Notice (at least for season 1) has much more of an overarching story which could be hurt by interrupting it.

None the less, more episodes is never a bad thing

Season 2 Preview Summaries

Here are some of the names and summaries of future episodes of Burn Notice
Season 2 starts July 10th.

1. Breaking and Entering

Michael helps a computer tech named Jimmy whose wife and daughter were kidnapped.

2. Turn and Burn

At Sam's request, Michael helps a waitress named Sophia who is being stalked. However, Sam and Michael later learn that Sophia is not who she claims to be.

3. Trust Me

Andy, a cell-phone salesman, was conned into investing in a fake Cuban nightclub. Michael helps Andy when the people he borrowed the money from (loan sharks) come knocking.

4. Comrades

Introduced by Nate, Michael helps a Russian woman, Katya, whose sister was smuggled into the U.S. by gangsters; however, Katya cannot afford their extortionate demands and her sister is being held captive.

5. Scatter Point

Michael is hired by Trevor, a former "wheelman" who's gone straight. However, Trevor is being pressured into working an upcoming jewel heist by his old boss, Timo, and fears for his family's safety.

6. Bad Blood

One of Carla's men, Victor, recruits Michael to participate in a hijacking. Michael, however, is oblivious as to what he's hijacking.