Friday, May 30, 2008

Madeline Westen

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Madeline Westen (played by Sharon Gless) is Michael's mother. She doesn't fully know what Michael does, and constantly worries. She has a smoking habit, and is neurotic, constantly going to the doctor for different ailments she thinks she has.
She thinks that Michael and his father are just alike, and that Michael was the one that would agitate him, Michael strongly disagrees.

Madeline also keeps up with Fiona, often using her as a source of information for Michael.

USA Character Bio:

In Michael's eyes the only thing worse than a fully armed assassin happens to be his obsessive mother, Madeline (Sharon Gless). Widowed, with an empty nest, Madeline has made it a priority to keep Michael in her life ever since his return to Miami. She lives in their family home, plotting ways to keep in touch with her oldest son, and to make peace between him and his brother Nate. Madeline's late husband wasn't a winner by any means, but he gave her two sons that she adores.

While playing cards with her neighbors, she finds time to send Michael clients that are in desperate need of help. In return she offers Michael tidbits of information, and occasionally lets him use her place as a "safe house."

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