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Family Business

Episode 5: Family Business
Production Number: BN104
Written by: Matt Nix
Directed by: Sandy Bookstaver

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Quick Summary:

Michael infiltrates a family of gunrunners after they threaten an airport supervisor, hoping to scare them off. Meanwhile, the FBI are putting pressure on Sam to gather more information on Michael.

Full Summary:

The episode opens with Michael getting a call from his brother, Nate, who is apparently in trouble again.

"There's a good reason covert operatives keep their job a secret from their family. Once your family knows what you do, you've got problems. Best case they're scared. Worst case, they think they can get into trouble and you can help them out of it."

This time Nate's problems are not gambling related, but instead, he tried to help out a friend and got beaten down for it. Michael will help him out... if Nate "cleans up his act".

Fiona & Michael are working on his father's car. While working, Fiona finds a bug in Michael's car, but Michael already knows of it. Fiona accuses Sam and wants to ask him up front (with a wrench), but Michael holds her back.

"I'll behave.... maybe" ~ Fiona

Nate has accepted a job from Jake Miller, an airport security employee who has gotten in way over his head. After the Zamar family gave him a few items to grease the wheels, they started asking favors. Now they want him to lie about what flights are going out, and are threatening his pregnant wife.

The leader of the organization, Eli Zamar along with his older son Ilan and his younger son Ari. Michael starts with some light intelligence gathering.

"When gathering intel, little things can tell you a lot. A top fleet alarm system, well placed cameras without blind spots, paying attention to strangers in the area"

It becomes obvious that these guys are professionals. Michael sends Fiona to do some more personal observations, she uses the "looking for a bathroom" excuse, but doesn't get far. However, she's easily able to tell they are arms dealers. She even notices the Desert Eagle on his hip.

Michael explains to Jake, the client, that he can't go to the police. The old security manager died under mysterious circumstances. The only solution Michael sees is to get them busted with the guns. Meanwhile, Sam is getting pushed further with the FBI agents.

Sam & Michael follow the Zamar family, only to be forced to walk around an alley way searching for where the guns are stored. However, Michael ends up getting caught exposed.

"Fighting is something you want to avoid. Once you fight someone he knows your face. You kinda blow your cover when you hit a guy with a piece of rebar. When you have no choice, rebar it is."

Before Michael is forced to fight, Sam comes in with a big "drunken" distraction.

"What the hell does it look like I'm doing? I'm throwing crap at a warehouse!" ~ Sam

With that distraction, Michael and Sam are able to get away safely. Jake, the client, is forced to continue to play along.

"Mike, I saved your ass at the warehouse, the least you could do is have some decent beer in the fridge" ~ Sam

Back at Michael's apartment, Sam & Michael rethink their strategy for figuring out the location of the guns. The younger brother (Ari), according to Fiona, isn't as bright. Sam bugs his car, they find out what his likes and dislikes are. Find out about how Ari doesn't like his dad treating him like a kid, and his taste in wine. Back at Michael's apartment, Michaela nd Fiona have bought supplies. He uses cake icing to make large quantities of fake C4, while Fiona makes a small sample of the real thing. Sam prints up a fake ID, Sam Remington.

Michael now goes to his mother's house to help them look for his father's will and to pick up some nice cufflinks and a cigarette case. Madeline tells Michael that Nate is angry that he didn't get the car. Nate seems to take it personally.

At a club, Michael swoons Ari Zamar by buying Ari's favorite wine in front of him, then swooning him and his girlfriend, Debbie, by conveniently liking the same things Ari likes (information he learned from the bug in Ari's car).

Ari gets pulled away by his older brother Ilan, but Michael leaves his fake business card with the time 1 am. Later Michael and Ari meet so Michael can try to sell his fake C4 to Ari. Ari is interested, but wants to see a demonstration. Michael takes the sample of real C4 Fiona prepared and blows it up without flinching.

"Are we in business?"

Debbie, Ari's girlfriend, is apparently more interested in hooking up with Michael than staying with Ari. She called him five times in one night. Michael tries to further sweeten the deal with Ari by throwing in 50-calibur machine guns. Ari is unsure of doing business without his father's approval, however, when Michael threatens to walk away, Ari stops him and decides to do business

Sam admits to putting the bug into Michael's car, but defends himself by saying he made it obvious. Michael tells Sam to "break in" to his apartment, and even tells him where to look. At a meeting with Ari, Debbie shows up early to seduce Michael. Ari confronts Michael and accuses him of trying to steal Debbie away from him.

"Dealing with a blown cover is about stalling for time. Stay alive long enough to figure out what they know, and tell a bigger lie to save yourself"

Michael laughs off the accusation and pretends to think it was a test, Ari is convinced. Michael will still get to see Ari's arms location.

"Riding in a car with a blindfold on takes some getting used to. Good news is the driver is too busy making sure you can't see anything to pay attention. He won't notice he's being followed"

At the arms location, Ari tells Michael that he has paid off some of the police, so Michael's original plan no longer works. So, he goes to plan B. He instructs Jake, the client, to go up to Eli Zamar and ask him why he's now answering to Ari's friend Steve Remmington (Michael's alias). He claims Steve knows of his own personal information and that he has pictures and information about the Zamar operation.

"Ari, what did you do?"

Eli runs Jake out and rushes to the warehouse. However, Michael has already come, emptied the supply, and left his fake, Steve Remmington business card. The Zamar's are left chasing a ghost while Sam throws the stolen weapons into the river. The family is forced to run. Jake and his wife are now safe.

Sam Axe hands over a confidential document he "stole" from Michael's apartment to the FBI agents. Apparently, this information is so good, so important, that they are being taken off the case, and a new person will be taking over Michael's case.

Nate and Michael find their dad's will, but there is nothing in it about the car. Madeline lied so they would come together. Nate hugs Michael in a moment of compassion, then steals his wallet.

Personal Commentary

You can tell the writers and the actors are starting to hit a stride, getting to know their characters better and truly becoming them.
I'm starting to think that Michael's father's car is going to become a running theme through out the series. A constant reminder of Michael's father, and a little project to keep him busy between his various cases and working on his Burn Notice.
Speaking of which, we actually took a break from the main burn notice plot, that's okay, it appears we'll pick it up in the next episode.
Nate is back and he's still in trouble. It looks like he's the unofficial fourth member of team Michael. Even though he doesn't actually bring any skills to the team other than getting in trouble and being "proactive" in finding new clients.
I enjoy Fiona's intelligence gathering efforts, how silly she looked in such a nice dress while crossing her legs while she pretends to need the bathroom.
I also enjoy when Michael was getting chased in the alley way, yet again he's forced to deal with locked doors. Sam's distraction was hilarious.
Once again, Michael shows off his chops at lying and worming his way into making a business deal. And he gives helpful hints on how to make fake C4, delicious. Michael's dad kept tabs on Michael's arrest record. Does that suggest he was disappointed with Michael? Is Nate insulted? Thinking that his dad liked Michael more for some reason, that's why he left the car to him?
Michael also shows how to back out of a blown cover, that was a crazy laugh that came out of no where. Great acting.
Sam was forced to put a bug into Michael's car, yet Michael still helped him get the FBI off of his back. There is a true friendship there.
And how simple Michael manages to wrap things up. The family is gone and his client is safe. Of course, if they ever see his face again, he'll be in a lot of trouble.

Hmm??? Someone new to watch over Michael. This is going to be interesting.

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